Meeting Minutes: February 11, 2016

Attendees: Kayte, Jeff, Jim, Kristi, Joan, Allison, Becky

Recap of the Events of the Year

1. Woodbury Library -Feb/March

2. Woodbury Expo – art to exhibit, volunteers for booth (Becky and maybe 1 more to volunteer.) End of April/early May–nope it is Saturday, March 19, 2016

3. Wildwood Library Show – Sept

4. Woodbury Central Park Art Show – November

5. Woodbury Community Theater Fundraiser Art Show – opening of the holiday show – early Dec

Discussion of AOW tasks/jobs:

1. Membership list

2. Email

3. Finance – Joan offered to help

4. Website – Rebecca wants to do this, Joan offered to help

5. PR – Becky will keep doing

6. Events

7. Communications…reminders, etc

8. What else?? Please make note or send ideas to Becky or Rebecca

Discussion on art contests

1. Earth Day – maybe for next year, needs to be developed and defined, maybe work w/Woodbury Bulletin and/or Woodbury Library – Evelyn? Joan?

2. Woodbury 50th Anniversary celebration – discussion of a family art project to be auctioned off (judged?), possibly art contest for individuals. Possible projects from ideas shared before or from Woodbury Bulletin Editor: fish, Adirondack chair, bench, bird house.

3. Woodbury Days – poster contest, flyer cover or button design contest. Contact Randy Roberts at Bulletin office in Hastings. Maybe have a booth for AOW.

4. Woodbury Bulletin is supportive of all of these and willing to help. Maybe WCT would too.

Action items

· Becky follow up w/Michelle at WCT about Woodbury Expo

· Joan to compile list with contacts for shows she is participating in and aware of

· Joan to gather contact info for the St Paul Art Crawl to share

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